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In Loving Memory of Shaman

Ch.Shenandoah's Seventh Son "Shaman" CD, RE, BN, HSAs, HTAD1, CL1, JV0. He was the smartest dog I've ever owned and probably the most protective. I knew he ALWAYS had my back. He accomplished a lot in his 11 short years with minimal training and even paved the way for his breeder to enter the USASA Hall of Fame breeders with his herding titles. You name it, he could quickly learn how to do it.

10 short days, that's all we had from the time of diagnosis until we had to set him free from the terrible beast that stripped him of all the things he loved to do. Shaman had metastatic hemangiosarcoma from a mass on the right ventricle of his heart that limited his breathing and eventually overtook him.

Shaman walked the Final Mile in Boston just a few steps behind Luke and the Fuzzy Butts in memory of and honor to his father, Solar, who lost his battle with osteosarcoma in 2009. Now it's time to honor my "baby boy" for the wonderful, loving, brilliant, intensely loyal boy that he was.

"Baby boy, Shamanator, Little Monster, Little Buddy" - all terms of endearment for the little blue boy who stole a huge chunk of our hearts. We love and miss you so much, Shaman.
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