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Hi. My name is Sturm. Please join me and support the PuppyUp Foundation!

Hi. My name is Sturm and this is a photo of me on my first day at my new house. I was born in the spring of 1965 and came to live with my new family when I was 3 months old. So Iím 3 months old in this photo. You can see how handsome I would grow up to be because, quite frankly, Iím pretty darned handsome as a puppy.

I had a wonderful life with my three people. We lived on the grounds of a state hospital in Western New York (one of my people was a doctor), and I got to run through the fields and woods that surrounded the grounds. The fields were covered in Penny Royal, and every spring and summer I would roll and roll in the delicious grass, and I never had a single flea or tick. And I smelled delightful. In the summers weíd all go down to our cottage at the beach on Lake Erie, and Iíd get to swim in the lake and dig in the sand every day. Iíd dig huge trenches on our beach that had to be filled in daily or some unsuspecting beach comber would have fallen in. I was a very good dog and never rolled in dead fish either. What, and ruin my delicious smell?

In the winter I would play out in the huge snow drifts and come in with tiny snowballs attached to my toes, whiskers, and tail. One time, a couple of the patients who shoveled our sidewalk had an argument about what I was Ė a dog or a reindeer. Turns out, I was a reindeer! At least I was for that winter. It made me feel even more special. A German Shepherd Reindeer. You donít see those very often.

As I grew older I started to slow down, but that was OK because everyone else in the family was growing older and slowing down too. One day, when I was about eleven, one of my people (the doctor guy) noticed a black wart-like bump on my muzzle, another one on my leg, and a third one on my tail. The vet diagnosed them as squamous cell carcinomas. My doctor human was shocked because he had no idea dogs could get cancer. But this was a long time ago, and most dogs didnít get cancer back then. There really wasnít a treatment for it except to remove the bumps. They didnít bother me a bit, and I came through the surgery fine. But the growths grew back. I lived with cancer for a number of years after that. It really didnít bother me. In the end, I passed away when my old kidneys failed me. But I had a wonderful life, many friends, and my people loved me very much.

Long ago, when I was still here, not as many dogs got cancer. But itís different now. Far too many dogs are getting cancers at an alarming rate and such early ages. I hope youíll contribute to my page, because the funds the PuppyUp Foundation raise go to research and education about canine cancers and comparative oncology. And thatís a good thing.

Thank you, Sturmie
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