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Living life to the fullest On 3

It was almost 13 years ago that Lola came into my life. After rescuing my very first American Bulldog,I was hooked on the breed in the worst way. My first AB Apollo, weighed over 130# in his prime, and was everything the breed was meant to be.

When she was 11 months old, Lolas family could no longer keep her. She had been born with a genetic condition called entropion, and since she was meant to be a "breeder", she was turned over to rescue. Lola's condition made it nearly impossible for her to see, and her eyes were constantly infected. After multiple surgeries, and months of healing time, LOLA COULD SEE! Now it was time to find her a forever home.

During the course of about 10 months, Lola was placed in two different homes, and by no fault of her own, she was returned both times. Instead of sending Lola to her FOURTH home, I decided she was going to stay with me, and become a permanent part of MY pack.

Over the last 12 years, Lola has become one of my best friends. She has cared for me despite all lifes difficulties, and she has LITERALLY picked me up off the ground. In 2008, Omaha enacted Breed Specific Legislation, that unfortunately included the American Bulldogs. Within a few years of the new ban, Lola was able to achieve her Canine Good Citizen certificate, which allowed her to be exempt from the local muzzle laws.

Despite Lola's less than ideal start, she has turned into a wonderful friend, pack mate, foster mom, and Breed Ambassador. Over the years, Lola has only solidified my love for this breed even more.

In January, 2016 at nearly 13 years old, Lola was diagnosed with severe Osteosarcoma in her left leg. Within a week or two, she was unable to put any weight on her leg, and couldn't walk without major support. Faced with the decision to amputate or euthanize, I looked at my Lola, and knew....she wasn't done yet, Lola doesn't give up that easily. On January 28, 2016, Lola lost her leg to cancer,in order to save her life. 7 months later, she is still cancer free and LOVING LIFE! As an amputee, Lola has been invited to present at a local childrens camp, as part of a session they do on "special needs pets". She continues to love life! Going on 14 years old, with only 3 legs, Lola has even taught herself to use the doggy door at home! PROOF, THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

Please vote here, to fund cancer research, and help find a cure for this devastating illness that all too often steals our 2 and 4 legged family members from us.

Follow Lola's story at Lola StrongOn3 on facebook and #LolaStrongOn3
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