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Butler was diagnosed with B-cell LSA (Lymphoma), Stage IVa in August 2015. He is under the care of Dr.Lavalle, at HOPE ANIMAL CANCER CLINIC, in Jupiter, FL. Butler is in clinical remission.
Butler was abandoned,as a young puppy (dumped) in a rural area near Butler, GA. He came out of the woods, extremely thin, with cuts, scrapes, and fleas. He needed help and found me! He stole my heart!
Butler has the most beautiful dark expressive eyes! He is now 10 years old, still loves to play catch, frisbee, and chase squirrels in the back yard. He enjoys boating,going to the sandbar, and wading in shallow water. Staying focused, he "fishes" for hours! He jumps on shadows in the water as if they were actually fish. I think he does it to entertain anyone watching! He is very grateful, loving, active and healthy except for the cancer, which he fights daily, with no complaints.
"The PuppyUp Foundation is committed to discovering the common links between canine and human cancers and the causes of these cancers through comparative oncology research".
Thank you for supporting Butler in the PuppyUp Foundation's Calendar Contest. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. It will help fund cancer research that is needed to help all dogs suffering from cancer. It might get Butler a primary spot in the calendar.
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