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How is it that the love for an animal can be so strong? Maybe because their love for us is so pure. As I write this, my heart is breaking. We lost our strong little man yesterday to metastatic osteosarcoma. He gave us his love until the end and Ill be forever grateful to him, for him, for his love, and how he changed the lives of two people.

Lowrey and I were married one month and decided it was time to rescue a puppy. The great thing about that day, not only did we rescue one puppy, but two brothers. They have been with us whenever, wherever everywhere. Its been over 10 years of fun and adventure, and those two boys held our hearts from day one.

Both boys loved to fly fish in the mountains with dad, but Orvis lived up to his name. He would watch closely as Lowrey cast and when the line went taught, Orvis would point. He would watch his dad intently as he reeled in the fish, then let it go to be caught again another day.

Orvis always had something to say. He would let us know in the morning that he was ready to get in bed with us. Never loud, but soft, low grumbles the perfect way to wake up in the morning. Hed also let me know when it was time to stop working. Every day around 6pm, hed come to my desk and give me that same low grumble. Sometimes it would turn into a slightly frustrated mini-bark until I got up to give them attention.

Orvis was diagnosed the second weekend in January of 2016. We amputated his right, front leg but that didnt stop him. He ran, swam, played ball, and fought with his brother. His eyes were bright and cheery and he always brought a smile to anyone around. Thinking about him now, through the tears, makes me smile. Im so grateful for the opportunity to have loved him. He and his brother made a great marriage even greater and we have learned so much. Such joy, such heartbreak, but in the end the joy always wins out. My sweet Orvy Porvy Punkin Pie Punkin hes taken a piece of our heart to heaven with him.

We love you, little man.

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