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Woody was approximately 8 years old when he got his forever home. He traveled from Montana to Connecticut to enjoy a life he never knew existed. Considering the fact that he never knew what being unchained felt like and lived on a diet of dirt and rocks, there were definitely some challenges ahead...but he thrived. He became the poster dog for forgiveness. He loved everyone, especially his pet rock.

Anyone that met Woody knew that he was a character. He even looked like a cartoon (many thought)! He loved to show off ALL of his toys (he had about 40) to anyone that came to visit. Then mom had to pick them all up and put them back in the basket. He insisted on marking all the trees uphill. This usually resulted in him missing completely and falling downhill, but that didn't stop him from trying. If you asked him what kind of music he liked he would tell you that Barry Manilow really soothed him.

The cancer went undetected for quite some time. It never occurred to any of us that after all the neglect and abuse he suffered that cancer would be the one thing he couldn't fight off. Doc wasn't sure how much time he had, but Woody was a fighter and we got one more year! We tried many things to combat the diagnosis but we also wanted to keep his quality of life in mind. Then one day it was decided for him. It was very quick and we were all thankful that he truly didn't suffer in spite of our anger and sadness that cancer took him from the life he had waited so long for and deserved so much.

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